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A certified laboratory of clinical diagnostics with a specialisation in molecular biological tests.

  • Entered in the Register of healthcare institutions, companies and practices with registration No. 0192-68301.
  • Certificate No. L-194-A, issued by the Ministry of Health
  • Accredited in accordance with Standard LVS EN ISO 15189:2008 in the field “Molecular biological testing of human materials” Accreditation certificate No. LATAK-M-493-00-2014 (valid until 06.03.2018)

We offer: paternity testing and DNA identification of individuals, molecular diagnostics of hereditary diseases, pharmacogenomics research, SNP profiling and other DNA sequencing and genotyping services.

GenEra Ltd. was founded on 26 July 2001 by the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre as well as private individuals.

Photo: Lauris Vīksne, f64 Photo agency.


About us

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